Tired of the same old title appearing each week. So, yes. I just like the word fiddlesticks. It looks nice.

I did a bit of baking this week, making my own custard cream biscuits. They worked really well, even if I was shocked by the amount of sugar in the filling. I used about half what the recipe said and used custard powder instead (which is also in the biscuit itself) with some extra vanilla. It made the biscuits even more custardy, even if they are still quite sweet. This is the recipe I used.

I first saw the work of Olive Edis this week (well, just now in fact, as I write this) on Antiques Roadshow. Her portraits (especially of fishermen) are all wonderful, bright and sharp and full of character. Brilliant inspiration for character illustration too. I can't seem to find a good stable link for her photographs, so do an image search using whatever search engine you favour.

Short update this week!